• Cuban crafts: works of arts ‘made in Cuba’

    Vendedor de artesanía

    Getting a souvenir of Cuba is not difficult, the really laborious task is to resist each of objects, paintings, musical instruments, t-shirts, hats, souvenirs of Palm, coconut, shells… Cubans are artists, very skillful and really witty, with their hands as almost a unique tool, capable of making authentic works of art.

    From small bracelets of seed, sea shells or colorful wires crafts up to the original habanos cigars, everything is ‘made in Cuba’ craft. There are many places in which we can achieve a real gem to take home, a magnificent reminder of our vacation in the Cuban paradise.

    Cuban crafts are beautiful objects, rustic and away from the superproductives techniques; but the greatest charm is in the dedication of the sellers, the care dispensed to tourists and the harsh climate conditions they do support to get a few pesos and help us in our choice.

    Friendly and smiling, as all Cubans, it is easy to get fascinated by the words of these great speakers, who offer the best of their local artists.

    It is really comfortable for tourists the way in which sellers of Varadero bring us this craft at the beach.

    With its stands mounted on useful walk or mountain bikes, old and patched , the ‘matanceros’ from the most tourist town of Cuba,  exhibited hanging all possible incurred objects.

    Dresses with short pants, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, which help them to withstand the strong Caribbean Sun, they carry the souvenir to the deck chair or the towel in which rests the visitor.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Aaron Nakama

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
    She is a journalist and traveler, specialized in other cultures and countries in conflict. Mar has worked for major media networks as RNE, Diario16 Malaga and EFE.

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