• Cabo de Palos, the seabed of La Manga

    Pradera de Posidonia

    The area of Cabo de Palos is located just 7 km from our Mangalan Be Live Hotel, a luxury resort with Spa Service, really well located in this famous area of sand of the region of Murcia.

    Aside from the wonders that surround this beautiful murcian enclave, today we bring to you the most important aspects one visitor must know. We are talking about the waters  of the Mediterranean, blue and kind, that surround us.

    We are talking about impressive seabed of Cabo de Palos, one of the most important points of the Mar Menor Nautical Station, characterized by the wide range of water sports that the station offers to those who are at the coast.

    But if there is an activity with special relevance in Cabo de Palos is, without a doubt, diving. Thousands of divers come each year to this area of La Manga in order to enjoy an anthological seabed.

    Not in vain, we are in a protected area, due to the good state of conservation of the seabed and the biological richness that live in these waters. By the name of ‘Reserva Marina de Cabo de Palos e Islas Hormigas’, we can enjoy a strip of 19 square kilometers of an ecosystem with an impressive biological diversity.

    Special mention deserves its posidonians prairies and the coral colonies, among which a significant number of underwater species find under cover.

    A recommended visit is the descent to the wreck of a sunken ocean liner. However, it must be made by experienced divers, due to the considerable depth they must go down under the sea.

    Public Domain Image: Wikicommons/Nanosanchez

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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