• Aquasports in Varadero: Dinghy-Plane a flying boat

    Dinghy Plane

    Varadero is, without a doubt, the paradise for water sport lovers. In a part of the island of Cuba, which not so long ago it just survived with the bounties of the sea and the activity of the fishermen, tourism has managed to maintain contact with the water and take advantage of what nature gives.

    In the beaches of Varadero you can practice all sort of aquasports: snorkeling, diving, water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing.

    But the imagination also has space to invent new activities, even to combine elements and mark trend pursuant to recreational and leisure options.

    It is the case of the Dinghy-Plane, an activity that is beginning to have its own fans club among ‘matanceros’ tourists. But, what is the Dinghy-Plane?

    Until now we were accustomed to the practice of the Dinghy sailing, which is no other thing than navigation with small dinghies. On the other hand, the coast of Cuba is also conducive for hang-gliding activities.

    If we let the creativity of the Cuban people fly high… voilà, there is the Dinghy-Plane! A boat motor equipped with a delta wing with which you can navigate and also contemplate the coast of Varadero with bird’s eye view. Fun and spectacular, if we are capable of withstanding the emotion.

    In particular, I prefer to stay on the shore collecting beautiful shells and filling a bottle with the marvelous coral sand of the Caribbean.

    Would you dare?

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/exfordy

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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