• The tasty canarian sauce it’s called’ mojo picón’

    Mojo Picón y Papa Arrugá

    Those words were the lyrics of one of the most famous singers of the Canary Islands. Caco Senante got a smash hit at top of the charts music, with a song explaining the virtues of the canarian sauce par excellence: ‘El mojo picón.

    It is not the only ‘mojo’ at the islands, very prone to use these tasty sauces on the most outstanding dishes of its rich gastronomy. The ‘mojos’ are sauces with an oilseed base, vinegar and a hint of garlic. This simple ingredient becomes the undisputed star of the island cuisine.

    Its origin comes from afar, the recipe was possible by the strategic location of the Fortunate Isles, which turned to be the transit for people from everywhere, especially from Africa, the Iberian Peninsula and the lands of the New World.

    The set of ingredients that were reaching the Canary kitchens were combining to get the final recipe for a handful of ‘mojos’. With the virtue of adding or subtracting ingredients, serving to one or another dish.

    The more shallow division of this sauces it’s the classification by their color: Green mojo and red mojo. The last one it’s our protagonist today, the ‘mojo picón’, sparkling and spicy, due to the use of cayenne pepper.

    The indisputable ally of this sauce is none other than the potato, ‘arrugá’, contracted, almost old; that burst, however, in delicious flavor when it gets ‘pringá’ with a spoonful of ‘mojo picón’.

    Anywhere in this magnificent set of islands that make up the Canary Islands, you can find a bar or restaurant to try these delicious ‘papas arrugás’ with ‘mojo picón’ so you can tell us your experience.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/martinwcox

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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