• The sweets of Oudja in Morocco

    puesto de pastelitos árabes

    Live Morocco without its sweet, is not live Morocco. Each and every one of them has a story, an ingredient, a mixture that make it really fascinating. We can find them together at any bakery and, of course, at any berber jaima or inside any house, where the hospitality habit, as Muslim, honors abroad with their best viands and a sip of tea.

    But each region, almost every city, has their own specialty that the wise hands of housewives, shape with the ingredients that provides a land, in principle, arid and barren.

    It is only a wrong sense, because in any humble kitchen you will find the tasty result, product of wisdom and the ancestral combination of accurate ingredients.

    It is the case of Oujda, where the pastry queens are the kaaks and the makrouts, so delicious, so sweet, so unique… Dates, honey, wheat flour… combine masterfully, invoking the recipes of ancestral cookers and the lifeblood of past generations, to provide us with mouthfuls of traditional pastries at this village near to Saïdia.

    The kaak is a crimped and crispy cookie with a ground that has the aromatic hints of anise and cardamom. For the makrout, the semolina is filled with the immense flavor of morocco dates, previously fried before being bathed with the grace of the honey.

    Look at the street stands, at plain sunset, where you eat with your eyes rather than the mouth, the immense pleasure that awaits your stomachs through the streets of Oujda.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Bellyglad

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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