• The first street of the New World in Santo Domingo

    Calle Las Damas

    Traveler approaching Dominican Republic is predisposed to find the most authentic colonial style. An impressive architecture, which bring us back to the passage of spaniards and europeans by the ‘new’ continent.

    But we must have the knowledge that in Santo Domingo is the first street of the New World and the main artery which began to build a new era of the American history.

    ‘Las Damas’ took their name from the courtesans who accompanied the wife of the Viceroy don Diego Colón. Doña María de Toledo, enjoyed a lot walking the street with her company ‘ladies’ (damas de compañía).

    Up and down the street, it was the first paved road in the New World, were the families of the most influential settlers settled their houses in the 16th century Latin America.

    The spanish nobility who arrived at the time of the West Indies, decided to establish their luxurious residences in Las Damas Street. By then it was called Fortress Street, because the stretch was from the Ozama Fortress to the Alcázar.

    Of course we are in the heart of the Colonial zone of Santo Domingo, the oldest area in the capital of Dominican Republic, inscribed on the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO, with the name of Colonial City of Santo Domingo.

    Walking down the first street of the New World brings us memories of Spanish corners of very similar architecture. Places like San Cristóbal de La Laguna, in the Canary Islands, or Almagro, in Ciudad Real close an architectural triangle where one side is, by right, Calle Las Damas.

    Creative Commons Image: Wikicommons/A. Josef Dernbecher


    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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