• Puerto Plata or the ‘City of the Facades’

    La ciudad de las fachadas

    In the midst of so many concessions to tourism and acquired customs from anywhere in the world, dominicans of Puerto Plata kept the essence of their joy in the colourful design of the facades of its buildings and their homes.

    The walk through the streets of this dominican province, one of the most appreciated by visitors thanks to its spectacular beaches, becomes a festive attraction for the eyes. Heady colours which decorate the facades and cheer the itinerary by the alleys of the first place were Europeans settled, back in 1493, when Christopher Columbus called the island “La Isabela”.

    Noting the color that comes directly from the exuberant nature of Dominican Republic, it is easy to get an optimistic concept of life, very common in the caribbean spirit.

    Next to historical buildings of the 16th century, as it is the case of the fortress of San Felipe, raised to protect Puerto Plata of the attack of the filibusters; is the famous colonial style, stained with this explosive coloration of the liveliness of the Caribbean Sea.

    They are the street scenes that confront the transience of those who come to spend a few unforgettable days and those who live their daily lives here, and arranged the city for their daily becoming.

    The other side of Puerto Plata is the ‘City of the Facades’, a simple and usual way of life for its citizens. The result is a feast of luminosity and impetuous energy that will be apprehended forever through the eye of our camera.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Adam Jones, Ph.D.

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
    She has studied in different countries and in several languages, which marked her character and broadened her sight. In the past few years, Ana has been working as an online content editor.

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