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    During the month of July the city of Oujda, only 50 km away from Saïdia, celebrates one of the most important musical events of North Africa. We are talking about the Räi Music International Festival of Oujda and it isn’t any common festival. During the last edition, just the opening ceremony gathered nearly 200,000 people.

    The Räi is a very peculiar musical genre, mainly linked to Algeria. However, we must not forget the proximity of the Moroccan city to the Algerian border, which creates a stream of musical empathy between both areas. A real treat for Räi music lovers.

    Never been better spent the word miscegenation to define the music that we enjoy in the Festival of Oujda. Result of the merger, the Räi is a sort of street rhythms that mix with ease and very good result touches of hip-hop, flamenco, blues… with the roots of the folklore of the Algeria west and east of the neighbouring Saïdia town.

    The result is really fascinating, full of intense, modern, vibrant and with a lot of life rythm. Perhaps that is the reason that every summer attracts hundreds of thousands of people to Oujda, where we can find the best artists of the genre, from the famous Faudel, the french actor of algerian origin, to Cheb Khaled, nicknamed ‘the King of Räi’.

    This year will take place the sixth edition of the International Festival du Räiand, given the success of the last call, is expected to beat the record of attendees. So we recommend the event as an unmissable date for those who are enjoying a ‘Be Live Hotels’ Moroccan stay.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/Magharebia

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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