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    Once arrived to the Cuban paradise it would be foolish to not take advantage of all the extraordinary charms that will bring the Pearl of the Caribbean. Among the most fun and unusual proposals is to know Varadero on board of a coco-taxi and enjoy as real tourists.

    It seems that we have emerged from a frame of those cartoons when we were small, ” Wacky Races”. Yellow, gaudy, egg shaped and tiny, raucous, noisy and funny, the coco-taxis are an almost exclusive invention for tourism, who think it’s much better walk awhile on these Cuban tricycles than simply walk.

    The coco-taxis, which are also found in other tourist points of Cuba as Havana, are on the island since 1998. Its implementation could not be more successful, according to the reception that gave foreigners visiting the country.

    Varadero could not be outside of its field of use. We are talking about one of the cuban cities  most demanded by international tourism, and there, this picturesque transport is the King.

    Inspired by the rickshaws of the India, the coco-taxi is also a motorized tricycle that, apart from the driver, can carry two passengers. Its price is not cheaper than a common taxi, but those who come to the cuban city find it adorable.

    There are a couple of variants of the yellowish and strident typical coco-taxi, for example the colonial coco-taxi. Less scandalous than his ‘saffronish’ brother, reminds even more the Indian rickshaw. Also you can discover the streets of Varadero on board of a bici-taxi, equaly to those that run through central London for years, but much cheaper.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/El Toñio

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
    She is a journalist and traveler, specialized in other cultures and countries in conflict. Mar has worked for major media networks as RNE, Diario16 Malaga and EFE.

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