• Varadero beaches and the peddlers

    Playa Varadero

    Much of the charm of this immense cuban spa lies, as it could not be otherwise, on the stunning beaches that bathe the white sands of a city that lives by and for tourists.

    The beaches of Varadero are full of life, everything you could want is available without leaving the towel, hammock, the sand… Even the smallest detail it is geared to make the stay in this part of the magical Cuba a dream for the visitor. And this includes facilitating commercial transactions.

    So, lucky tourists find comfortable the fact that anything gets to their mat. The reason is a commercial technique widely practised at the caribbean beaches, the peddlers.

    Peddlers are installed with their wooden wheeled market stalls and offer to the traveler everything you can imaginable, from the delicious coconut drink to the more tasty and appetizing tropical fruit, tobacco, souvenirs, clothing, towels, crafts, hats and t-shirts with the face of the most respected idol of the revolution, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.

    Under a blazzing sun, with a heat that seems difficult to resist if it is not on hollydays, Cuban sellers earn their living providing a picturesque touch to the beaches of one of the most famous areas of the Pearl of the Caribbean.

    The industry in Varadero are the visitors and cubans are concerned to keep this fundamental part of its economy. So they do not spare in kindness, sympathy and effort riding bicycles, carts or backpacks. Everything to make the tourist so comfortable that they decide to return.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Artur Staszweski

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
    She is a journalist and traveler, specialized in other cultures and countries in conflict. Mar has worked for major media networks as RNE, Diario16 Malaga and EFE.

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