• Saona Island, pure Caribbean in Domincan Republic

    Isla Saona

    It represents one of the most typical pictures of the Dominican Caribbean. White sand, turquoise and transparent waters, starfishes, high palm trees and a radiant sunlight to recharge your energy and fills you with joy.

    Saona Island is one of the islands adjacent to Dominican Republic, belonging to the National Park of the East, one of the country’s most important ecological reserves. From La Romana and Santo Domingo is easily accessible via boat and we guarantee an unforgettable day in main paradise.

    Fortunately it is a protected area, so it is free from buildings and maintains a virgin state, which still contributes more to enhance the pleasure to the prying eyes of the visitor.

    110 square kilometres of natural paradise, coral reefs and coastal lagoons, fine white sand, fishes, hawksbill turtles, birds, reptiles, taíno archaeological sites, manatees, dolphins, fishing bats, iguanas…

    Within the Saona Island is a dominican native community, composed of 500 individuals who live off fishing. They are the inhabitants of the town Mano Juan, a village that does not reach the 70 picturesque wooden houses, humble and loaded with beauty.

    The excursion to this area often includes a buffet under a makeshift roof of palms converted into restaurant, so that visitors can enjoy their stay, which usually it’s extended for a period of 8 or 9 hours, with a small impasse after eating, perfect for a little siesta under a tree in one of the secluded beaches of Saona Island.

    After that break, it is time to know the mangroves and discover unique pictures of a typical and topical Caribbean that will leave you in pure ecstasy.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/bruce_bruce948

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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