• My great Dominican wedding


    Dominican Republic: Palm groves, cocos, turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches, rhythm, color, joy… and an incomparable landscape background for the most important day of your life.

    Celebrate the wedding in Dominican Republic may be the most fantastic and attractive experience than can imagine a couple in love. Be Live Hotels puts all the details for a romantic and special matrimonial union.

    The resorts that has Be Live trough the length and breadth of the beautiful Caribbean island, had plenty of years offering their specialized services in the art of weddings organizations. A group of professionals with a lot of experience to offer a matrimonial union in the middle of paradise.

    Civil, religious weddings and renewals of votes for which has been thought up at the last detail: all included accommodation for the guests, flowers, decoration on the beach, dj´s, cocktails, music for the ceremony, canapes, open bar, uncorking bottles, wedding cakes, private check-in, photographers, buffet…

    But what really makes the difference is the love that brings Be Live Hotels taking care of the couple in love and offering them every little dream… and so much more. Relaxation, personal care to be handsome and elegant for the union, farewell of bachelors, romantic dinners on the beach, private beach services…

    So they only have to enjoy and be pamper by our expert staff, that will take care of everything. In this way we offer massages, spa, sauna, facial and body care, hair treatment and makeup for the ceremony, French manicure and pedicure, hair cut for gentlemen, shaving, body waxing, decorating bathtub and jacuzzi with rose petals, bottle of sparkling for a very romantic night…

    If to all of our cares we add the natural decoration that provides one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean Sea, a Dominican wedding can only be the beginning of a life full of romanticism and love.

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
    She has studied in different countries and in several languages, which marked her character and broadened her sight. In the past few years, Ana has been working as an online content editor.

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