• Fez Festival of World Sacred Music


    From 8th to 16th June Fez welcomes the celebration of the Festival of World Sacred Music. In this occasion the event is built around a kind of mantra, “Engage the world”, with a very special tribute to the Persian poet Omar Khayyam.

    It is a unique opportunity to visit Fez, because they celebrate the Edition number eighteen of one of the most important events of the imperial city. During a week the city is invaded by the music from all corners of the world and Fez is transformed into a giant stage that hosts free concerts throughout the day.The World Sacred Music Festival attracts every year a large number of visitors, who marveled by the spirituality of the celebration and the quality of the performances, they have turned it into an essential event of the Moroccan spring.

    Concerts of Sufi music, Indian, flamenco, gospel, occitan compositions, zíngaras (gypsy), egyptian… and this year the presence of two mythical women: Joan Baez and Björk. Two golden moments with the background of the city of Fez as privileged surroundings to enjoy two very unique voices.

    The range of prices of the concerts are from 14 to 60€. Although you can have the pass for all the shows and events held during the Festival of World Sacred Music for 300€.

    For more information and details visit the official web of the Morocco festival.

    No doubt the music week bet to renew each year to the unifying spirit of cultures that highlighted Fez during his past as the capital of Morocco, cradle of knowledge and art.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Wikicommons/Zach Klein

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