• Dates and nuts of Morocco

    Puesto frutos secos

    They are much more than a caramel, while for tourists it is a sweet snack, a kind of reward, something like a bonbon. Dates, figs, nuts of Morocco have been the basis of food for most of the maghreb peoples for centuries.

    The bite of the fruit dry, first mature and later dehydrated by the rays of a blazing sun, meant the main dish for many families who, at the end of the day and on the carpet of a haima, shared the food.

    For thousands of years, a handful of dates and a cup of aromatic mint tea has been the traditional way in which are received and treat, calm the hunger and remove the thirst of the foreigners.

    The actual communications and the development of agriculture, livestock and fisheries offers other kinds of food. However, travelers passing through Morocco, may soon agree that there are huge posts dedicated to market with mountains of various nuts in the souks.

    In these mobile little shops women acquire kilos of different varieties of dates, figs, dried figs, dried apricots, raisins bread… fruits and vegetables that are also part of the finest dishes of the local cuisine and the delicious delights that will bring us the Moroccan pastries.

    In fact, delicious stews of couscous, pastelas and tagines can would be dull and inconceivable without the delicious presence of these tasty natural sweets, that adorn and enhance many of the colorful recipes from North Africa.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/STUDIOTOBAGO

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    Ana Pérez
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