• Al Capone’s Varadero

    Restaurante Al Capone

    The crazy 1920s and the 1930s proved to be fundamental for the development of the tourist industry of Varadero. The Cuban town sinks on these dates the roots of its expansion and is linked to such outlandish names as Al Capone.

    There are few tourists who know the fact that the famous mafia man had a mansion in the very first line of Varadero beach. Once we arrived there, we discover the news and certainly we won’t let escape the occasion to make a visit to the mansion, currently converted into restaurant.

    It is said that the bloody gangster bought his luxurious mansion in Varadero intending to escape from the stress produced by his ‘work’. However, today we know that the reasons that led Alfonso Gabriel Capone to invest at a property in Cuba had nothing to do with his health.

    The current ‘Al Capone Restaurant’ was the place in which the known criminal established his headquarters for its smuggling activities. Located in a strategic port, close to United States, but at the devalued Cuba, ruled to suit by dictators, hampa members and rich and corrupt landowners of yestyear, ‘Scarface‘ found an ideal place for his criminal business.

    Of course we can reserve a table to enjoy a good meal in its interior and enjoy the magnificent views over the Caribbean Sea. Should be noted that one of the most popular dishes of the ‘Al Capone’s Restaurant’ is the ‘Paella Valenciana’.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/The-Lane-Team

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    1. The story behind the establishment of the Al Capone restaurant in Varadero is very interesting. I wonder though whether the restaurant serves good food. It would be great if you’d do a post on the restaurant’s menu.

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