• A mediterranean villa in the Dominican Republic

    Altos de Chavón

    It is called Los Altos Chavón and for decades was one of the most exclusive places of the Dominican Republic. It is situated only 24 km away from our Canoa Be Live Hotel, located in La Romana, so we can make this pleasant promenade that will allow us to know one of the most strange and fascinating landscapes of the area.

    The villa it’s call Altos de Chavón because its construction it’s just above the river of the same name. The views that reach the impressive watercourse are one of the reasons why it’s worth to visit this luxurious viewpoint.

    We have to say that the Chavón River is particularly famous in the history of Hollywood cinema. His extraordinary landscape has been used as locations to numerous films, among them, titles as diverse as ‘Apocalypse Now‘ or ‘Rambo.

    Los Altos de Chavón reproduces an ancient mediterranean little town and it’s said that it arose as a sumptuous gift from a father to his daughter, on his birthday. Currently, the fortunate woman denies it; but be that as it may, the fact is that around 1976 they had to destroy a mountain to be able to undertake works of an important road for Dominican Republic.

    With the stone of the blasting, a rich american came up with the idea of the reproduction of the distinguished village. The place enjoyed such success that for a long time it was called the City of Artists and its inauguration was carried out by Frank Sinatra and Carlos Santana.

    Currently the access is not free, and the thousands of visitors that greets every year the dominican enclave, must pay a modest amount to walk through the streets.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/Belzie

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