• Holy Week in Madrid

    Holy Week in Madrid

    As it is expected, the capital of Spain also offers a varied schedule of acts related to Easter. During the dates of Passion of Christ, Madrid added to its multiples cultural and tourist attractions a series of historical, religious and gastronomic routes essential for the traveller at this time.

    Madrid offers to the visitor around twenty religious processions of different “cofradías”. We must have in mind thatla Villa” has celebrated the catholic Holy Week since the 15th century. This fact ensures us a remarkable artistic wealth on the religious carvings in polychrome wood on the thrones, accompanied by the “costaleros”.

    But the “madrileños” take advantage of Passion Week for many other activities, like the culinary aspects. An entire universe unfolds around the typical gastronomy of these days, where the undisputed protagonists are desserts and sweets.

    With a hidden past in the kitchens of the convents, the nuns maintained for centuries the correct recipes for pastries of ancient times: “Bartolillos, leche frita, buñuelos, flores de sartén…

    But in this world of sweets of Madrid’s Easter, the real star is “la Torrija. A piece of bread, bathed in milk, honey or wine, with cinnamon and sugar and with a stimulating smell which is only the prelude to a delicious taste.

    Eat and drink in Madrid these days is a way of complementing the contemplation of the thrones and the fervor of the penitents.

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/PromoMadrid

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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