• Easter in Tenerife 2012: Sun, Sea and Traditions

    Tenerife's Holy Week

    Though the ‘Islas Afortunadas’ are identifiable all over the world for its privileged climate and the magnificent beaches that can be enjoyed practically all the year, the certain thing is that also in The Holy Week they shine with other many attractions related to the religious traditions.

    Indeed, the Holy week of Tenerife is one of the oldest in Spain. The process of conquest of the Canary Islands began in 1402 and finished in 1496 precisely with the annexation and evangelization of the Tenerife Island. The appearance of the Sacred Week was linked to the year in which each island was conquered.

    Morover, Tenerife has one of the contributions of imagery more spectacular and valuable, with images of late 15th century and early 16th and although we may enjoy many processions by ‘chicharreros’ villages, the truth is that the most important of the island correspond to the San Cristobal de la Laguna town.

    It is the oldest of the Canary Islands and it is inspired by the traditions of the Easter steps of Andalusia, Castile and Portugal fonts. The result is spectacular and worthy of a discover, along with the nature, sun and ‘Tinerfeñas’ beaches, a very important sequence of the Canary Islands history that does not pass unnoticed to the lucky visitor.

    More than five centuries of history, carvings and silver works of the island, during Holy week of 2012, converts the former capital of Tenerife in an authentic open-air museum, once more.

    You should hurry up, because at this time the hotel occupancy already is over the 80%, which gives us an idea of the expectation that generate these dates in Tenerife. Of course, you can look up our hotels available: Be Live La Niña, Be Live Orotava and Be Live Playa La Arena.

    Photo in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/Mataparda

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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