• Moroccan Tagine


    With dishes so attractive and succulent as pastela, the harira or couscous; the tagine is one of the best-known culinary delights of Morocco. Meat, fish, vegetables… everything has place in this recipe, because in reality this gastronomic contribution takes its name from the container in which it is cooked.

    The tagine is a conical mud bowl, that tourists cannot leave without one of them like a souvenir when they returned from their Moroccan journey. Its origins are linked to the North African Berber culture. That legacy allows us to taste the combinations of spices, fruits, vegetables, fishes and meats that arouse our senses in a unique experience.

    We must not succumb to the simplicity of the container, because its history goes back six millennia before Christ. The clay baked and varnished “pot” is not very deep, although it can reach a considerable diameter. As a curiosity, the lid is not used during cooking, only to present the meals.

    At any home, restaurant or Moroccan hotels the traveller may experience this joy of smells and tastes that make the Tagine an exquisite dish. Surely, it’ll make you addicted when trying it for the first time.

    If you had chosen a stay in our Hotel Be Live Grand Saïdia, we assure you that you would taste a mouthful of the magic of Morocco in one of its restaurants. From there you’d discover many other places to taste the Tagine of lamb and plums, of chicken with lemon, spicy fish, of beef with vegetables…

    Image in Creative Commons or Public Domain: Flickr/flequi

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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