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    Welcome Blog Be Live

    Today is a very special day for all the Be Live Hotels team, the reason is the debut of our blog, and that is something that doesn’t occur every day. Today we inaugurate this virtual notebook in which we will show you unforgettable destinations, information of beautiful cities, incredible and amazing beaches and remote places in the world.

    In every post published we will try to show and discover for you the special places in those where Be Live Hotels has one of its resorts such as Varadero, Boca Chica, Punta Cana, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Mallorca and Tenerife, among others.

    The Be Live Hotels Blog is launched with the intention of becoming a factory of dreams, get you close to the destinations of great natural beauty or cultural heritage so you can imagine and dream them. And maybe, become inspiration for future travels around the world.

    Of course, all our publications are also expected to play an evocative role, reminding travelers, who already know the place, all the good times that were experienced during their vacations.

    Precisely because many of you are travelers all your comments and suggestions will greatly enriched the articles we can write. Because every experience is unique and each traveler gets lost through a different path that leads to a small and personal wonder for their eyes that must be shared as a little treasure.

    For all those reasons we welcome all of you and we wish to find in each one of you a travel buddy for this new adventure that begins today.

    Be Live Hotels
    Be Live Hotels
    Be Live Hotels, marca de la división hotelera del grupo Globalia, la primera compañía turística de España.

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